Nanjing ShunXiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
About Us
Nanjing Shunxiang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd It is a comprehensive company specializing in the development, production, marketing and information of new products of chemical products and chemistry. The company's product operation center, Nanjing Shun elephant import and export trade Co., Ltd., is mainly responsible for the products marketing, brand promotion, technical optimization, raw material procurement and other aspects of the business. After more than 10 years of effort, it has successfully promoted the production of two key products such as BOC, DIBOC, azo two formic acid, two isopropyl ester, three sulfur oxide pyridine, three bromide pyridine, and so on. Rate and reputation, and for many years, some well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad as excellent production suppliers. With joint stock participation, co construction, technology supply and other ways, the company has combined with domestic and international well-known enterprises and factories, and develops products with advantages. At present, there are 4 production bases and 1 scientific research institutions, including the amino protection series, pyridine series, and adamantane series. The directional production varieties include the amino chloroquinoline series, the biological blue pigment, the active blue pigment and so on. In 2009, the company built the B2B information platform, China chemical manufacturing network ( and international chemical manufacturing network ( It is a well-known professional chemical information platform in China. It provides the most comprehensive information service for the chemical industry chain for thousands of users every day.
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